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Spa Bella has chosen the latest skin care products for the ultimate in home skin care. Whether you’re looking to treat fine lines and wrinkles, or simply maintain vibrant, healthy skin, we’ve got everything you need. Below you will find our top three age-defying skin care products. Visit our highly skilled skin care specialists to find out which treatment will provide the greatest results for you!

For information about the cosmetic surgery procedures performed by Dr. Christine Petti, visit the Aesthetic Accents Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center website.

BioMedic LaRoche-Posay
Beautiful skin is less than a millimeter away.
Originally developed by plastic surgeons to amplify before-and-after skin care for surgery patients, BioMedic is available exclusively through a unified physician, aesthetician and client arrangement.

Once your skin type and condition have been examined, you will be put on the road to beautiful skin with a BioMedic Home Treatment Program that’s as individual as you are. Our aesthetician will provide you with all the guidance and education you need to achieve healthier and more attractive looking skin easily and affordably.

Enhance your BioMedic Home Treatment Program with a facial peel. Read more about Bella Peels.

ObagiŽ Nu-Derm System
Unveils unforgettable skin
Specially developed ObagiŽ products combined with medical supervision and counseling can help you restore and enjoy your skin in a beautiful way. Daily use of the ObagiŽ Nu-Derm system will change the way you look and the way you feel about your skin.

Beauty is a process, and Nu-Derm skin care is a step-by-step system that restores your skin’s health in three distinctive phases:

Reaction phase: Out with the old.
Tolerance phase: In with the new.
Corrected phase: Youthful and healthy glow.

In an effort to rapidly enhance your true radiance, we suggest using the ObagiŽ C Rx System – the only prescription based Vitamin C system for photoluminous skin. Contact our skilled skin care specialists today!

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