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Deep Tissue Massage

I have deep tissue massages with Jamie who is wonderful. Her knowledge is extensive and she has the perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness. The Soma Room is my go to place for a message.

Henry Johnson / Technical Architect with casatulipan


Relaxing massage

Thank you Natalie, your massage was amazing and very relaxing ! I’ll will definitely come back again and suggest the place for my friends!

Jason Hax ,  Freelancer blogger at live casino expert


Highly recommended Spa Day

I had a wonderful, relaxing massage with Maria Sarah. She is great person and she has tried her best to make myself comfortable. Maria is very people person and professional. I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for a great Spa day. Great experience!

Julia Sezar , Data scientist at new casinos and bonuses website

Deep tissue massage

I had a very good 45 minute spa and after that deep tissue massage with Laura . This is my second massage within the same week.

Laura was very professional, friendly, caring. Laura really provided tailored the treatment to help me as much as possible. She touched all the pain pointed and done as much as she can to make my pain relief.

Matt Howard , designer at PlayOjo Casino